Media Relations

The Director of Communications and Development or designee will accept media inquires during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm. At other times, media calls will be referred to the Patient Care Supervisor. If needed, a representative from Communications and Development will be called to assist with the inquiry or need.

Our Process for Releasing Information:
The process of releasing information to the media is consistent with the mission, vision and values of the organization and applicable federal laws that govern protected health information.

  • Maintaining patient confidentiality and privacy is the focus of all procedures and activities involving release of information to the media
  • A process is established for defining and accessing the organizations spokesperson
  • A procedure is in place to address media interviews, photo/video shoots and/or tours when patient contact or organizational facilities are involved

Media Inquiries, Request for Interviews and Photos:
Media inquiries are answered according to HIPAA guidelines, the HI-TECH Act guidelines, and this policy. SRHS complies with the rules and regulations that the Ohio Hospital Association has developed for journalists and reporters covering patient and breaking news from any of Samaritan's facilities. Reference the OHA Media Guide for additional information that may be helpful when seeking information from a SRHS representative.

Requests for interviews, information, photographs, or video/film images involving patients, their families, and/or visitors require advance consent and completion of a Media Release form.

  • For photo opportunities, the Public Relations Coordinator or designee must accompany any photographer or videographer.
  • Hospital departments, patients, employees, and visitors will be notified in advance regarding their participation in these activities.

Information Provided by Outside Agencies:
In the event that a patient is brought to SRHS by a law enforcement agency or public/private emergency medical services:

  • Information obtained from these entities will not be released by SRHS to the public or media with the exception of information that is available in the Facility Directory (name, condition and location in the hospital).
  • A Form of Disclosure of Patient to the News Media signed by the patient is required for release of Directory information.


Kathy Witmer
Director, Communications & Development

Hospital Operator