Samaritan Regional Health System is vital to our community. Employees at SRHS not only know this, but we also believe it. In fact, we believe in it so much, that we invest more than just our time and talent at SRHS. We invest our money as well.

Through the STAR CLUB, an innovative Annual Giving Club, our employees voluntarily pledge a yearly financial contribution to SRHS. Standing for Samaritans Together Achieving Results Celebrating Life Unity Betterment, the 211 active STAR CLUB members have contributed, to date, over $230,000 to SRHS. Including fundraisers the total money raised is $330,000.

The money is dispersed into three categories: Major Purchase (over $128,000), which is used to secure new equipment for SRHS; the Enrichment Fund (over $66,000), which is meant to aesthetically enhance SRHS facilities; and H.E.L.P., which is a special fund designated to help SRHS's own employees who face a hardship or experience a tragedy. In fact, H.E.L.P. has assisted 100 employees with nearly $42,000 to pay for gas bills, electric bills, medical expenses, benefits, house payments, funeral expenses and more.

So you see, we wholeheartedly agree with entertainer Danny Thomas, who once said, "Success is not built on what we accomplish for ourselves. Its foundation lies in what we do for others."

We do for others everyday, from our patients to our coworkers. It is only from our "doing" that we are worthy of our success.