Samaritan Patient Portal

You shop online. You bank online. You share online. Now you can manage your health online. Visit Samaritan Patient Portal to view lab results, access and download your health records, such as procedures, immunizations, medications and allergies; and save time by paying medical bills online.

Your privacy and security are important to us. For that reason, access to Samaritan Patient Portal is by invitation only and you must enroll in-person. Enroll at your next Samaritan Hospital or Samaritan Professional Corporation visit.

If you would like Samaritan Hospital to contact and help you sign up for the Patient Portal Click HERE.

If you are responsible for someone else's healthcare (e.g. child, parent, spouse), and wish to gain access to their health information. Click HERE to download the Patient Portal Proxy form.

-To view the Samaritan Patient Portal Brochure Click HERE

-To view the Samaritan Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Click HERE

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