Free Vascular Screenings

University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center is offering free vascular screenings to eligible residents of Ashland County. To determine eligibility for an appointment, call 419-207-2537. Vascular surgeon Alexis Powell, M.D., will be facilitating the screenings Saturday, August 26 at the hospital.

Vascular screenings are a painless assessment that can identify the buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries of the body. Because blockages in the arteries can cause sudden and severe illness, even death, screenings are a valuable tool. A screening should not be mistaken for, or take the place of, diagnostic testing if you are experiencing symptoms. Screenings check for signs of disease when there are no symptoms present. Screenings are especially beneficial for those with risk factors or a family history.  

Again, to determine eligibility for an appointment, call 419-207-3260.

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