ID for Registration

Patients accessing services at any UH Samaritan Medical Center facility or UH Samaritan-owned physician practice will be asked for a photo ID to prevent identity theft.

A photo ID is required when opening or accessing an account and when a change of address request has been made.

Acceptable forms of ID include:

• Driver’s license
• State-issued ID card
• Passport
• Military ID
• Employer or School identification card with documentation that includes address

Our staff has been trained to identify potential identity theft. You can also identify a possible problem by watching for these warning signs:

• You receive a bill or Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for services you did not receive.
• You receive a collection notice for unfamiliar medical debt.
• Your insurance company notifies you that coverage for a legitimate hospital stay is denied because your insurance benefits have been depleted or a lifetime cap has been reached.
• Your credit report includes information added by a healthcare provider or insurer or your credit score changes.
• You receive an inquiry from an insurance fraud investigator or law enforcement agency.
• Your health insurance identification card has suddenly gone missing or is stolen.

To further protect yourself from identity theft, make sure you:

• Always show your photo ID
• Maintain a medical calendar. Keep records of appointments and hospital visits and make sure they match with your EOB.
• Shred medical documents and remove labels from prescription medications when disposing.
• Report ID card loss right away to your health insurance provider.
• Monitor EOB’s and other health insurance, hospital, and doctor statements.
• Monitor your credit.
• Keep medical information private.
• Don’t access or share your medical information on an unsecured computer or website.

If you suspect your medical identity has been stolen, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at:

• 1-877-ID-THEFT or
• 877-FTC-HELP or

Click HERE for a printable document on Medical Identity Theft.