Physician / Provider Directory

Physicians play an instrumental role in your comprehensive healthcare. And we couldn't be prouder of our exceptional team of 117 M.D. and D.O. practitioners on staff. Many are local residents, fulfilling the community's healthcare needs through their independent practices.

How to use the Physician Directory

Since this is an all-inclusive list, you will find a listing for every doctor responsible for your care, including those who work behind the scenes, analyzing blood work or reading imaging studies. You may search for an individual physician, or select a specialty to view all practicing physicians. Make sure you click on the "GO!" button for each new search. To view more detailed physician information, click on the physician's name. If you are looking for a primary care physician, please call their office directly for more information.

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Physician Qualifications

The Samaritan Hospital Board of Directors grants privileges to credentialed physicians who will provide care for hospitalized patients. Eligibility for these privileges is contingent upon the physician holding a current Ohio License through the Ohio State Medical Board and medical malpractice insurance. Additionally, physicians are required to maintain their skills and competence through continuing education and training.

Physician Leadership

Just as important as maintaining skills and competency is accepting the all-important role of leadership. Without a doubt, our physicians actively pursue and engage in leadership roles throughout the Hospital. They serve on the Samaritan Hospital Board of Directors, and the Samaritan Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, adding personal insight to Samaritan's Strategic Planning and operational processes. Furthermore, they serve on hospital/medical staff leadership committees, and participate in local and national initiatives for performance. Many of them are very active in our community and beyond, even extending their services to Missionaries overseas.

To see our list of physicians on our medical staff, click here.

Samaritan Professional Corporation

In “partnering with your family for a future of wellness,” we formed the Samaritan Professional Corporation (SPC), a subsidiary of Samaritan Regional Health System. Additionally, the SPC creates a strong base for medical practices, addressing both current and future health care needs of our patients.

For a list of physicians in the SPC, click here.