Volunteer Program FAQ's

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer. Job shadowing opportunities are available to high school seniors or college students through our Communications and Development Department. For more information, please call 419-207-7879.

What if I can't work my volunteer shift?

Each volunteer service area has volunteers available to sub in the event you or a loved one is ill, or you have a scheduling conflict. You will receive a list of volunteer names and phone numbers so you can find a sub as needed.

I leave town for the winter. Does that mean I can't volunteer?

Absolutely not! We have many volunteers who leave for the winter...in fact, we affectionately refer to them as our "Snow Birds." We have a specific group of volunteers who want more volunteer work in the winter months, so they can cover your shift. While you are gone for the winter, don't forget to see about volunteering in your "home away from home." Many of our volunteers report that's a great way to meet new friends!

How many hours do I have to commit to?

It's up to you - that's the beauty of volunteering! Over the years, we have found the volunteer experience to be most rewarding when volunteers come in on a consistent basis. Therefore, our volunteer shifts are arranged so that you work once every two weeks, for four hours at a time. Of course, we have other options as well to suite any need. There are two hour shifts available, and our volunteers who help in different departments at Samaritan set their own hours. You tell us your needs, and we will work with you!

What do I wear?

Volunteers typically wear a blue smock with nice slacks and comfortable walking shoes. Other volunteers dress in business casual, again, wearing comfortable shoes. You will receive all of this information, and more, during your orientation. We ask all volunteers to refrain from the use of perfume and cologne while volunteering, since many people experience sensitivity to strong smells.

How do I become a volunteer?

Call 419-207-7879 to start the process. All volunteers are required to complete a criminal background check and agree to abide by our confidentiality policy before volunteering.

How do I leave the volunteer program?

Please give the Volunteer Coordinator as much notice as possible when you need to resign or retire from the Volunteer Program. You will be asked to return your smock and your I.D. badge.

What is the application process?

After initial discussions with our Volunteer Coordinator, you will be asked to schedule an appointment with our Human Resources Department. At the appointment, you will complete a Volunteer Application form and identify what volunteer service you are interested in, and the time of day you would be available to volunteer. You will also have a picture taken for your I.D. badge and your fingerprints will be scanned for a criminal background check. Please have a valid Ohio driver's license with you, as well as your Social Security Number.

I want to volunteer with my friend. Can we schedule a time to volunteer together?

It depends on what volunteer service you are interested in. Rarely are two spots open at the same time on the Reception Desk or Second Floor Desk. If you want to volunteer with a friend, family member or spouse, The Gift Shop would be your best chance.

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